Fleet Safety Camera

Fleet Safety Cameras automate the evaluation, review, and storage of data for you. Enhance the safety of your drivers and reduce the risk of accidents. Your drivers feel safer than before as the AI processor provides helpful insights and feedback.


Features of Fleet Safety Cameras

Fleet Safety Cameras save time and effort in evaluating, storing the footage, and reviewing it by doing it all for you. You receive videos and alerts only when the fleet drivers exceed the approach set for various types of behavior. Gone are the days when you had to review each video to monitor your employees' performance.

Automatic Detection:-

Undeniable Evidence

Fleet safety cameras capture every moment on the road. Fleet safety cameras improve coaching as they understand the context of at-fault incidents. Thus, it would be easy to pull event videos and go back in time.

What Matters Is Measurable

Set goals and track the progress of your fleet. Easily track fleetwide and individual scores.

Seize and Analyze events automatically.

A simple dashcam requires hours of analyzing, reviewing, and storing footage. But Fleet Safety Camera’s AI does it all for you. All triggered events are categorized and stored automatically.

Actionable insights and coaching

Identify the best drivers in the fleet to promote a culture that rewards safety. The drivers and managers are accountable with signed coaching reports. These reports can easily be downloaded and shared.

Fleet vehicle dash safety cameras

Determine who’s at fault with the fleet safety dash cameras. It provides intelligent automated reports that reduce costs and make drivers safe.

Fleet Safety Cameras resolves issues:

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