Why Choose Truck Laptops Telematics?

Telematics is computerization data intended for Commercial Vehicles, Construction Assets, and Heavy-Duty Trucks. We allow organizations to see their vehicle’s execution, the driver’s conduct, geological area, driver’s hours of Service, mileage, vehicle speed, in-Vehicle video footage, and delivery details in real-time. The potential options are endless. The Data gathered by the telematics device, like the GPS position and speed of the vehicle, and the G-force estimated by the underlying accelerometer, are sent in a packaged format to the data center. And then the information gets decoded.

The telematics device and its sensors gather an immense amount of information. For instance, crucial data regarding position, speed, trip distance/time, idle time, harsh braking, reckless driving, safety belt, fuel utilization, vehicle issues, battery voltage, and other motor information are all made available. Also included are GPS navigation, integrated hands-free cell phones, wireless safety communications, and automatic driving assistance systems. Telematics covers everything.

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