Defence Diagnostics Laptop


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Truck Laptops Defense

This Laptop is SPECIALIZED for all the Vehicles Deployed for land-based military transport and activity, including combat vehicles; both specifically designed for, or significantly used by military and armed forces. We have developed Diagnostic analytics for these Vehicles and/or Equipment.

Rather they are or have off-road capabilities and/or vehicle armour (plate) making them heavy, therefore some have vehicle tracks instead of being wheeled vehicles; and half-tracks have both. We have the Solution for any vehicle.

Furthermore, some military vehicles are amphibious, constructed for use on land and water. We have a Solution that provides:

  • Predictive maintenance, identifying potential failures before happening and establishing the maintenance windows based on the information collected by the platform and its operation history.
  • Predictive logistics, reducing to the maximum the logistics footprint and maximising the operational capability.
  • Sensoring and monitoring of platforms and systems, enabling the performance of maintenance actions remotely, maximising their availability.
  • Tracking of logistical flows in real time, obtaining all benefits that an integral fleet management system offers, with capability of remote diagnosis.
  • Diagnosis and reading of electronic control units in platforms and manned and non-manned vehicles.


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